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MTVSS is one of the most dynamic hands on tools in Access. It is used for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can have a major effect on the immune system, especially when done on the joints. Individual organs can be worked on or areas that correspond to multiple organs.

Metabolism and Metabolic Rate of Cells; Respiratory System; Electrical System; Central Nervous System; Digestive System; Intestines; Dermal- fascial; Skeletal; Lymphatic System and Hormone System; Reproductive System

Cellular Memory is a hands on process to reverse the effects of physical trauma and scar tissue on the body. This is an incredibly dynamic process and creates seeming miracles by allowing the body to choose to heal.

Correcting Vision hands on process that can assist in helping to correct vision, help undo traumatic experience to the eyes. It may also help on sinus problem as well.

BMM (BioMimetic and BioMimetric Mimicry) is a hands on process that brings you back to what is true for you and your body.
How many times have you been told you look just like your mother or just like your father?

How many times have you tried to understand someone and in so doing mimicked their energetic pathways and locked them into your body? BMM helps you dissipate all that.

Restoration of Communion with Earth begins to restore the communion and connection with earth that is possible for us and our bodies.

Zero Sum of Trauma undoes the effect of cumulative trauma on the body. This could also apply to athletes as well as those who do physical work which involves intense exertions repetitively.

You don't have to know which body process would you like to receive, you can just say what would you like to change.

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